Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry X-mas!

Hope you have a good one, my last few have been a bit weird and this one was no different. Last christmas my cat passed while i was still sleeping. It was the weakest shit ever. This year I was out kicking it until 4:30 in the morning and when i get home i realize that i left my keys at my boys house, So i had to call him over to bring the keys back over and didn't get to sleep until 5:30. Thats all. Merry X-Mas Scumbags!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Melrose window.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What the fuck am i doing sitting around LA. I have no motivation to really do anything. I sit around all day smoking bowls and i get fucked up all night on drugs and booze.

So as i sit here at 4:20 in the morning taking down nos ballons trying my damn hardest to finish writing this. i realize that theres so much i haven't seen or done. What the fuck am i doing spending my money on nothing. i have no attachments here, the only thing i wanted to do when i left my job was to travel and see what was out there. who cares what held me back, or why i didn't do it. I'm ready for this now and have some money saved up. I'm starting to plan for first trip immediately, i hate the cold and have to wait until spring springtime to get out there but plan on doing a 6 week backpacking trip in april. I just have to make it until april and with this move i know it will be all good.

I plan on waking up aroud 9 and packing my whole room into 3 boxes, more if i need to. When i finish the plan is to find my way out to a King Taco, a place i've heard many things about. I am very fond of tacos and have yet to figure out why i haven't hung out with their king.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Exposing a fake.

Ever since i moved here there's been homeless guy down of my street who is always holding a "NEED BEER" sign trying to get something to drink. He looks like he just smoked a gram of crack and needs the beer to balance the rush. I've given him plenty of dollars knowing that he was spending them on drugs or alcohol. So when i sat next to this familiar hippy on the bus the other day that was talking in a calm tone, didn't smell a bit like alcohol i would have never thought it would be the bum on the corner. Until his stop came up and i saw the NEED BEER sign stick out of his bag, He got off at Lookout Mt. which is an amazing street and mentioned something about finally getting home and taking a hot shower to the bus driver who knew him by name. So don't trust this con who probably lives in a nicer spot than you do, it's all just an act. Crescent Heights and Sunset is where he always stands. Those damn Hollywood actors.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Rustin' in Hollywood.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today i realized that i've never posted a graffiti flick on here so here it is.
Remio Gusto - Two bay area giants going BIG on Sunset.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Movin' on Down.

Its been 2 and a half years that i've kicked it the hills. It's great up here the skys are bluer, air is cleaner and theres actually stars out at night. When i moved up here it was to get away from all the madness of the city, i got my break and then some. I will miss the canyon country store and pacé and all the dope people up here. I won't miss most of my weak ass neighbors on my street calling the cops on me and making all kinds of crazy shit up. Soon i'll be back, I don't drive so it will be nice having a bus within a walking distance of my house. Now all my peoples wont bitch about coming "up the hill" everytime they pick me up. The Canyon will greatly be missed by this scumbag.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The haps.

Rolling Stones at Dodger stadium. Good show, a ton of women. I didn't know what to think about seeing a concert at the stadium but i have to give it up to the stones. They had a 4 story screen attached to the moving stage , great sound, and finished off with fireworks. I love the stadium and could appreciate the stones so this all came together pretty good. They did a bunch of shit that i didn't know for the first 30 minutes which game me some time to get a fried dodger dog and beer. I came back to hear a bunch of old hits and smoke a few joints.

I was going to write here about the mickey avalon show at LAX but i have chosen to forget about that night. if you know me you have heard about it. if you don't, then you wont. But i decided to take a few days off to get my head together and saw Steel at their last kibitz show this year and they fucking ripped it up as always.

Last night i saw RZA at the Key Club. Small Venue, Big energy, and a legend on the stage. Shavo the bass player from System of a Down backed him up along with an full stage of kill beez. They started the set by playing sitting down and playing a game of chess and smacking down the pieces to make a beat, sick right. RZA had a bottle of grey goose that he passed into the crowd and asked back for it to take a sip right before he lit up a blunt. It was a great show and I managed to sneak my way all the way up to the front for the last few songs. He did Wu-Tang classics, Bobby Digital tracks, Kill Bill songs, and even a Gravediggaz track. Big-Up to RZA and the Wu-Tang fam.

I have a bunch of shit to write about and no time write about it. i'm trying to keep my other blog updated daily and it takes away from this one a little bit. Tonight, if you're in LA and looking for something to do make it down over to Peel Here, a sticker show with a few of my friends taking part in. Taco truck and drinks on site. Should be fun, Check the flyer below for details and as always stay scummy.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Graffiti Gorilla

Joe Cannoli here. For those of you who don't know me, I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I'm forty-two years old, Italian. I gotta daughter named Gina anda beautiful fucking wife Maria. My favorite t.v. show is 'Cops' and my least favorite people are taggers (lowercase 't'). The LAScumbag is all right in my book however, becasue he lets me come in his arena and teach you fucks a thing or two about respect. Respect, as in, not writing your names up and down the block where my place of business is. Or, respect as in not going around to frat parties flashing fake photos of my angelic daughter Gina with a cuban cigar in her fucking twat.

Pardon the language lord, but these motha fuckers.

Why do they call you the Gorilla? Cause I'm Italian and big as a fuckin' ape!
Why do you hate graffiti so much? I love graffiti, but for some reason I can't stand the people who do it. They think they own the joint.
What is your mission? It's my duty to rid the streets of these so called graffitititists (Or whatever the fuck)

For example: Here is a billboard that was once covered in ugly, unwanted graffiti. I bet the neighborhood is happy to see someone is taking a stand against the indecency.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thats all for now ya little faggolas, and if you tag on my shit, I'll see you sooner than later. You got that?!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Drugs = Fun.

So i go out on saturday night planning to get drizunk which i accomplish quickly at a party in westwood. We leave here and head east for some madness in downtown.

When we pull up i hear the familiar sound of a tank filling balloons with joy. I get a few more drinks in me and run straight for the tank, i take 5 to my head without ever even thinking about staying clean for a month and love every single one.

I later found my way over to a reggae party on Slauson & Rimpau that went on 'til 6 in the morning, and blowing lines until crashing on a dirty floor at a friends house in inglewood at 10am the next morning, feelin' like my good old self again.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Subs up! Subs down¡

Heller's loft party.

The roof top party in downtown was crackin with lots of free booze and cheap nos.

i had the worst hiccups the whole ride home from the roof top party and the only thing that could cure it was weed. or water. i was doing both, one of them sure worked.

Subs Up, LA styles for miles.

LA scumbag you no editor!!! i kno editor, u no editor

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Weekly Round-Up.

So i've come to realize that i go to way to many fucking shows to not write about it. So here's what i think of who i saw and still remember.

We begin on monday with one of the sickest shows i've ever been to. Chili Peppers at the roxy. The roxy is a 400 person venue, so i was very excited when i won these tickets. How could this get any better? Open bar! I drank all the free patrón i could and rocked the fuck out . This show was amazing, you couldn't even imagine just how wild it was. They played all their greats from all eras and ripped it up hard . Extra: If you watch the video closely you could see smoke filling the stage, guess who that is. Video from LAist.

I had a few days to rest(i think,) and came back out for my thursday ritual of seeing Steel at the Kibitz Room. The first time i saw them was a few months back with Rolo and have came back damn near every time they played since.. If you want to see some real rock come out to Safari Sams on the 24th or Kibitz on the 30th and you'll know what the fuck i'm talking about. Photo from Steel MySpace.

It's Friday, Tenacious D time. I didn't quite know what to expect of the D, Would there be any chicks there? Will the place be packed? What would they play? Before going in i sat outside smoking a few bowls and noticed the weird nerdy crowlurkingng about, these guys look like they sit at home playing warcraft all day long. But who the fuck cares. I came there to rock and when JB and KG got onto stage they made sure to do just that. They came out hard and with a kick, Complete rock opera style . I managed to come up on a pit ticket and hang front row for the show. They played all the old good shit. The new stuff is really good too. I had a great time. Photo by spartus.

Subs up! Subs down¡

Amsterdam Cafe North Hollywood

So we head to North Hollywood to the amsterdam cafe because we heard free Booze, 20 artists and a few dj's. Too bad the Amsterdam is either hit or a miss, this night was a miss. There was no one there, we chilled for 2 seconds and bounced!

Subs Down, But you could make a spot chill with free drinks.

Zombie show in Venice

After taking a fun walk down abbot kinney we arrived at this spot near westminster. The show was packed and it was hot and steamy inside, which made several girls take off their clothing.

Yeah, the inside was cool but the real party was outside. the convenient liqor store outside of the show made it a big hit for us. The walls soon got covered with throw-ups, tags, piss and stickers. There was no drama, it was a chill. The piggies showed up with their mighty flashlights to scatter the scumbags away. We went in again to enjoy the show with less people breathing down our nostrils. Subs Up! Good times, Venice.

Day 5.

So, it's day 5 of my drug-free lifestyle.

I've come in contact with most of the drugs I would have usually done and denied them all. I had a dream that I was blowing the other night, and I've had a ton of shit offered to me. But I still have yet to break it. One can't imagine how bad I want to get fucked up right now on anything.

25 more fucking days to go. This blows, hard.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 2.

Last April i was laid-off from my great studio job and i started doing graphic design for myself, with this came new hours and a lot more time to party.
I started going to shows every night, and when i turned 21 in June i was unstoppable.

I could work whenever the fuck i wanted, wake up at 2 work till 8 and go out drinking at 10, After a while this was my daily routine the only thing keeping me from being hung over or getting too drunk was the California snow. I would have a few drinks do a few bumps and just hang out at least five nights out of the week. This got to be a bit much after a month or two so i stopped, for a while.

I started messing with other drugs so i could keep partying but not become a cokehead. MDMA, Pills, Mushrooms, Acid even Heroin at times. With this came more parties, wild ass people like myself, and more real hollywood. The point of all of this is that it's been over 6 months since i've been sober for a solid week and maybe writing about it might help me take a break, at least a month without any drugs. I will keep smoking the good green herb to keep me alive through this period of my life and write about how it's going. Today is day 2, the last drug i did was coke after drinking 13 free drinks at the Roxy for a Chili Peppers show. I feel pretty good, my nose is clear and so is my head. 28 more days to go.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ghostriding gone wrong.

Some of you might of heard of the hyphy movement, this started in Oakland and consists of acting like an idiot, dancing like a retard, and Ghostriding the Whip. This is when some idiot bumps his music and gets out of his car while leaving it in drive, it could be done solo or with other idiots. Tonight i show you what happens when ghostriding goes wrong.

This is my favorite one, it's fucking genius. I would do the same exact thing.

oh my god, did that really just happen.

This is the worst case scenario, what would E-40 think of this?

Here's more that i liked but just didn't make the cut. A Compilation, Off-Road, Experienced Ghostrider, a Bike.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote today!

Wherever you're at, whatever you believe in, get out there and vote! I should never be up this early, but i told a friend I'd watch her dog so here i am at 8:37 smoking vapor bags when i realize today is voting day! So now I'm still waiting for the dog, but when she gets here i think we'll be on our way to the voting booth. Peace.
Photo taken by JKonig.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Subs up! Subs down¡

The Unknown Theater
Hello, I am Subhumanoid and this will be a portion of the blog where Im gona give my reviews to events Ive been to. The good ones will get Subs up , the wack ones Subs down.

Last saturday the homie UmOne had a rock show at the Unknown Theatre. The name is no joke , when you would ask someone where it was, they didint know. But through sherlock holmes steezy of Rolo Tomasi I was able to find the spot. Street parking was not too hard to find and after a few cups of tequila my posse and I was ready for the experience. The theatre was small for a theatre but was about the right size for a rock show. The stage was freakin crazy, they nailed furniture to the ceiling to make it tripppy and trippy it was. The furniture was nice and the drinks were at affordable, along with the low lit lighting the atmosphere was coool. The first band was hard to get into, for the leadsinger was inaudible, but the main band killed it with fresh vocals, excellent use of delay pedals and madd drum action.

It was good times, after the show people wrote all over a board that was near the entrance and everyone seemed like they were having a chill time.. SUBBY THUMBS UP

Friday, November 03, 2006

Jury Duty Pt. 2

Yesterday as i walk out of the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center to take pictures around downtown for my lunch break i hear a strange noise and people start screaming. I run over to where this is happening an without knowing a thing start snapping pictures. I see a person laying on the floor face down not moving, it was 12:10pm and about 5 sheriffs were running around diverting people and traffic. everyone around is in a state of panic. it took over 4 minutes for them to cover the body up, but everyone felt the person was dead long before .

I had about 10 minutes to take pictures before i was threatened to be arrested if i didn't leave. I got about a block away and found out that someone had jumped out of the building i was in. When we got back from lunch the judge informed us that it was a woman that jumped off the 19th floor roof.

I got home and started looking into this and found absolutely nothing, even though this was on the corner of Spring and Temple at 12 o'clock. LA Times online had a tiny snippet in the morning and Met News wrote this article. I want to know whether she was a juror like me, or if she had lost a case, what if her husband just got life in jail. Do i have the right to know since i saw her laying there? Fuck jury duty. Next time I'm just not showing up.
Courthouse Suicide Courthouse Suicide Courthouse Suicide Courthouse Suicide

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Big Wangs

Went to Big Wangs...

Woke up covered in puke, in my bed...

Another day in the life of a scumbag.....

Juty Dury

What the fuck is jury duty, thats what i thought to myself when i first found out i had to go downtown at 7:45 on halloween.

I postponed and postponed until it finally came to the day Oct 31st, I go down to the courthouse get my badge sit down in the assembly room to see all these weird people pointing at a hot latina chick. I ask them what the fuss is about and they tell me it's Eva Longoria and everyones going crazy over it.

They excuse for break so i go grab a crossiantwich and come back to find every seat is taken except the one next to my new friend Eva. I walk up and kindly ask her to move her bag and newspaper and take the seat, at this point half of the room is staring at me now. So i start to shoot the shit with her, "Have you ever been called out before?" i ask prentending to have no clue who she is and she tells me that she it's her first time and we get into a stupid conversation about judge judy and her name gets called shorty after. She takes off and this old lady runs up to me and asks if i know "who i was talking "to like it was the coolest shit on the planet.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Boogie Nights!

Uh Oh... Ya Baby!

Whats up scumlandians, sorry to neglect you. I know your pussies are just DRIPPING for this one.

A few nights ago, the LA Scumbag and grumpy joe, along with a few friends and myself consumed lethal doses of clonozepam and went to the bar, Kibitz to be exact. Now first of all, going to Kibitz with the scumbag is like going to cheers with Ted Danson. Everyone knows the motherfucker. Bartenders defy physics as they pour a whole bottle of Jaeger in to one of those little glasses for him. The regular drunks amble up with smiles in hopes of getting smoked out. I think he might have even got some head from Kirsty Allie in the bathroom.

Now in case your some sort of gimp who never gets to leave his cage and you havent been to kibitz, then here's the rundown. It can be a cool spot when theres a cool crowd, but it can also be a little depressing when its just the regulars. Sometimes theres a cool band, and sometimes its your dad and his friends jammin out to some creedence. That night it was mostly regulars. So we headed across the street to a little spot that we dont usually frequent. The Dime is small, the crowd is mostly young and they've got some cute little dj chick spinnin the hits. They arent as hospitable as our friends across the street. Grung has no I.D. and needs to devise plans for undetected entry.

A ninja is always resourceful, and grung comes up with some fuckin Bruce Lee shit. Scum is on the inside locating a secret door in a secret back room. To signal grung, scum holds his trusty bic to a dusty alley window, and in the spirit of paul revere signals his brother with a flame. Grunge sees it and moves toward the back door. Now i dont know much about the fairfax alley crickeys, but they must be holdin it down because this back door that we found is actually two back doors - and they both have more locks then a rasta. They dont call him the scumbag for nothing, he undoes the first three padlocks like hes takin bras of off underage chicks. The next door is an even tougher challenge, its riddled with multiple locks and they are old and rusted. Scum handles it, and grunge is in.

I noticed the doorman when i walked in because he was throwing salt into our game. Hes just some random black dude with suit jacket and a trucker hat, and he thinks he is the shit. So anyway, he sees grungy comming in from the back and hes like fuck this little whiteboy. So grungy had to leave.

The Scumbag and myself find these random dumb sluts and we start freakin on them as a joke, but they took it a little too serious and we had to ditch out front pretty fast. (Now this is where it started getting fun). Generally clonozepam, diazepam, alprazolam and the rest of the -ams have a pretty love/hate relationship with alcohol. At first they make love in your brain and multiply whatever you drank by about 3. Then they fuck your body, and you start falling over... its kind of nice. I had about 4 beers, they procreated with the clonners making 12 beers and making me sloppy... But not as sloppy as the scumbag. We exploded through the doorway into a warm thursday night on fairfax, then we saw her. She was all alone, a cute little misguided indy rock girl with a black and white dress and some eyes that make you feel highs.

The girl definitely had some magic that i cant describe. Something about her. We all sensed it and started talking talking to this little nymph. I could sense that she was enthralled by our unusual behavior, and also that the scumbag was enthralled by her. I cant blame him, the girl was definitely special. So he gave her a big hug, but he couldnt let go. It was like when someone gets electrocuted and they start clutching whatever is shocking them... this girl definitely had the electricity. So by this point scum has attached himself to this girl and they are sitting on the floor of the sidewalk in front of the dime. I could sense some more hostile vibrations from the bouncer. So to ease the scene i say ,"hey scumbag, lets like go inside and like get another drink or something". But he didnt want to let go of the girl and i started getting kind of akward.

At this point im trying to pull scummers of of his siren, and he isnt letting go. Mr. Bouncer sees me and gets all in my face telling me to calm down and that im causing a scene. And so i'm like "What are talking about, im just trying to look out for this chick... my friend doesnt know what hes doing, you dont see this shit?". And hes like "i see you, dawg". So im like fuck this fool, im out. So my friend B and I are walking back to the car and Andy Dick passes us on the sidewalk. Out of nowhere he comes up and starts grabbing on my chest and trying to lift my shirt up. Im thinking to myself 'Wow..... this dude is seriously more fucked up than me'. So i let him play with my tittie for a minute and then i told him to fuck off.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

best viewed in full size.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Straght Postin

I was supposed to have this really awesome fucking epic post up by now, but i got home and the only available computer at my place was like as old as i am and there was a JAVASCRIPT ERROR.
whatever the fuck that is...
sorry scums.
it will be up by tomorrow

sometimes it is light
often the moon wants revenge
human sacrifice

little instant haiku for your asses

Saturday, August 26, 2006

octopus house

Originally uploaded by tommyloverboy35.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Grungy Joe Is My Name..

Well this is my first LA Scumbag post hopefully not the last.

It was last friday night, nothing really going on just bullshitting at the house. A girl from myspace who I fucked on a one night stand a long time ago hit me up to chill that night. She kinda flaked throughout the evening and made me wait it was almost 2am when she finally called. " Hey can you pick me up im on hollywood blvd and the bars are about to get out". So I thought about it for a second.... It is late iam tired yet i havent gotten laid in a month and a half so I get my keys and go pick her ass up. I park and wait looking for her to walk up, I spot her walking across the street infront of Big Wangs waiting for the light to turn green , She is humping the pole and looking at me from across the street. Its a given this bitch wants the dick.

She gets into the car and tried to get me to take her back to my house which she never has been to. I say no cause fankly I dont want this bitch knowing where I live. So I did mention I was moving into a new apartment but i had no furniture so we would have to go to her place and she replys with
" Does it have Carpet ?" ......"No.. Hardwood Floors" Shes replys with " Well im down lets go there " I say again " No " so we drive.......

We arrive at her building, I park in her underground garage and walk up to her apartment.
She warns me that its messy ..... that was a understatement! There is clothes and crap all over the place from the kitchen to the bathroom you could not see the carpet.
She asks if I want a drink , I did since i was pretty much sober. She gave me a very strong vodka and cranberry i drank half and she chugged the rest for some reason.

She starts running her mouth about this ipod nano she had and how some older guy whos a producer for that movie 8 legged creatures or whatever bought it for her and how she really didnt want it and how she would prolly donate it later on.
She then all of a sudden starts unbuckeling my pants and proceeds to pull out my dick and blow me.
I get a condom and fuck the shit out of her drunk ass and once were done she goes to the bathroom and takes a shower since she said she needed to sober up. While she was in the shower I decided fuck this hoe im gonna bounce out while shes showering. So I threw on my clothes and grabbed her ipod nano put that shit in my pocket and bounced out.

I run down to my car holding in the giggles of whats happening get in and proceed towards the exit gate.
Well apparently her buildings gate needs a key to be inserted for it to open . So in other words IM TRAPPED!

I throw my car into reverse park that shit and grab some weed and walk back to her house with a story in my head that i was just trying to get some weed. Well the door to the building is locked also so i cant leave and i cant go back to her pad. So I had to call her and have her come down and open it up for me. As soon as she gets down there she accuses me of trying to just flee. But I defend myself and stick with my story that i wanted to smoke a bowl. So she brings me back upstairs.

Once upstairs im a little nervious considering i got this bitches ipod in my pocket and im going back into her house where she can possibly notice that its not on the charger anymore....
I roll a joint and smoke it in a chair across from her bed where she is laying. While smoking this join i notice that she has 2 louis vutton wallets and purse. I grab both wallets while talking to her drunk almost passed out ass and put the wallets in my bag. Once thats done iam really nervious that shes gonna notice one of the 3 things i have stolen in the past 5 minutes.

She asks me " So what do you want to do "
Its already like 3:30AM I already fucked this bitch and busted my nut so i wasnt trying to fuck her again. So i replyed with...
" I Could Use Some Head" So i ask her to get on her knees but she declines saying shes to drunk so i sit next to her whip it out and she starts blowing. Since ive decided in my mind that im "Robbing This Hoe" I sit on top of her and face fuck that bitch. I bust the super porno style facial all over her face. Once done she starts to wipe it all off and then i told her " Hey I should prolly get going"

We walk down and all im thinking is i just faced fucked this bitch busted nut all over her face and stole her ipod and 2 wallets and she only can contact me via a prepaid annonomious cell phone and a Aol Screenname. Im Chillin.

So were in the garage i get in my car she opens that fucking garage gate with her key and i scurve off never to see that bitch again. Once a block away i start laughing to myself... Only thinking one thing.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

organizing the blog.

sorry about the lack of posts recently, but i've just been working on the behind the scenes part of the blog. found some new heads to post on here. Smear promises to post more.

I've been working on a calendar section for the blog, it will list events that i might find interesting in the la area. check em out . that should be up later today.

thank you all for checking back even with the current lack of activity. peace

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Acid Kings

Acid is so 2001...

Nowadays LSD is not very popular, and its totally out of style!
One must venture deep in the circles of the hippy underworld to acquire said chemicals, and quality control is not what it used to be...
But rewind about five years, and acid was bigger that Ricky Martin.It was everywhere, and it was good. A dose could be had for no more than five very american dollars and it might come on a sugarcube, mint, oreo, or in straight liquid. Even your mom was frying balls, and you didnt know it. Children with massive pupils romed the streets creating havoc in an acid fueled delerium! It was great, then it was gone.

The interesting thing about the disappearance of this notorious chemical was how suddenly it happened. It wasn't a gradual tapering of interest, it was an immediate unavailability. When drugs dissapear this fast it can mean but one thing my little scumbags... Someone really huge got bus-ted! Yes indeed; In November 2000 Wiliam Leonard Pickard, 60, and Clyde Apperson, 47, got popped with an acid lab in the back of their U-HAUL. Doesn't sound too big time? They were moving it from their missile silo in Kansas.

The DEA called it the biggest acid bust in history. They claimed in a press release that they had found 90 pounds of LSD, and that Pickard and Apperson were producing 2 pounds every five weeks. Now by two pounds we mean two pounds of pure crystal LSD, not two pounds of liquid. Just so you can get an idea, thats about 40 million hits. So if they had 90 pounds of crystal LSD, then that should be about two billion hits. Sound a little crazy? It is.

The DEA exaggerated just a little bit. They hadnt found 90 pounds of crystal LSD, they had found 90 pounds of equipment containing LSD or traces of it. They are notorious for things like that. When seized cannabis plants are weighed, even the weight of soil stuck to the roots is included. When the DEA also pointed out the Pickard and Apperson had been involved in three of only four busts of a complete acid lab in history, Pickard got life and Apperson got thirty years.

So how much acid did these dudes really have? About a half pound of pure crystal. Ten million hits, about enough to dose either the entire nation of Cuba, or everyone in the county of L.A. In fact, in the two years following the arrest, acid-related arrests and emergency room visits declined by 95%. It would probably be safe to say that if you ate acid in the U.S. in the 90's, it probably came from these guys. So what does the future hold for this endangered chemical? How will future generations render themselves clinically insane? No one can say for sure. But where there's a will, theres always a way.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I see a dead bird
looks like it got run over
better luck next time

Thursday, July 20, 2006



Do you know whats in YOUR dope?

Traditionally, heroin has been cut with tasty ingredients like sugar, starch, powdered sugar and quinine. But thats all pussy shit.

There has been a recent and ample string of deaths caused by a new batch of "bad dope." If you're a pharmaceutical opiate junky, then Fentanyl is your white china. It comes in lollypops that taste like fucking candy, and transdermal patches. It will have you puking for three days -- puking through a big shitfaced smile. The shit makes oxys look like fucking skittles, and now its being made in makeshift labs and cut into the downtown brown.

Dopefiends have been dropping like flies lately. You or your family could be next.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Flix.

Originally uploaded by LA Scumbag.
Well, about 3yrs old. But never seen by most.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Need Another Drink

The other day Smear and I were out and about pissing on shit and we decide to take a break. We needed a beer and I wanted to get out of the fucking heat. The closest place to do that was this bar that we already had an “incident” with. We figured those fucks probably forgot about the incident, so we headed in.

What happen was Smear tagged up the bathroom real good because they kept ripping his stickers off the wall (his stickers were put in the wrong spot by a local (the soon to be editor of this blog) that he gave one too, which caused them to get ripped). Like the asshole that I am I instigated it by letting Smear know they were out to get his shit. As he got drunker his tags got bigger. From what I heard he tagged the whole fucking wall and wrote, “Buff this asshole.” The security from the place got real mad and was trying to figure out who we were the whole time we were at the bar. Well this stupid fuck had some type of brain and ended up doing some research on the net. He found where our next destination was going to be. Lesson one - don’t burn yourself on the net. Revealing locations is bad news.

This drunken Irish fuck shows up to where we are hanging and is acting like he is going to fight us. Well he saw that Smear was a typical looking asshole, than he saw me and the other asshole and realized he would not be able to throw his weight around with us. He did think about it a couple times, but each time he did we moved into his personal space to make him feel uncomfortable. Negotiations went on, and the fuck showed some respect and we apologized and all the bullshit. That all happen, but me being the vindictive fuck that I am, kept it in the back of my mind.

We walk into the bar and it is packed with fake ass hipsters watching the World Cup. Service is slow and we want a beer. It is also hot in there because the place is packed with smelly unoriginal I want to be cool in Hollywood hipsters. Who the fuck watches soccer anyway. Fuck soccer!

Smear starts to feel uncomfortable, and says let's go get a tall can and drink in an alley. I really didn't want to because I like getting in funny situations – fuck it let’s hit the alley. We get up to leave and I notice the check with a tip is chilling right there. I open it up and see a ten spot. I opened that shit up, and took it. As we left the barkeep say's thanks for coming, I say thanks and we are off. We get outside walk up to the liquor store, grab 4 tall cans then head to an alley. We post up, I drink 1 tall can really fast then start on the second one. Smear complains that I drink to fast, and starts to lecture me a little. It was kind of cute.

fuck drugs.

Drug Free Zone in Berkeley
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i'm over them. for the most part that is.

In the last two months there hasn't been a period of over 3 days where I didn't do any drugs. mostly cocaine, a lot of mdma, some acid, hippie crack, morphine, some heroin and any pharmaceutical drugs that made it my way.

so this is day four. well the beginning of five now and i'm fucking tripping harder than on any of the drugs. I have a weird withdrawals because there wasn't any specific drug that I stuck to, so between 9pm and 1am I start feeling really weird. very lightheaded almost as if I smoked a cigarette for the first time. I hope the passes some time soon, or I might just end up saying fuck it and doing drugs again.

I want to at least go a week without anything except the good green stuff. it's been fucking hard and that's kinda starting to scare me that I can't live a week of my life without doing any drugs. that means i'm addicted right. what the fuck does it mean.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So get this,A few nights ago me Branded and Serch where doing out regular scumbag dirt around town,you know,the usual,writing on stuff (lots n lots of stuff) drinking 32 ouchers of Miller High Life,after all it is the 'champgne of beers',as we casualy stroll through alleys n side streets and the main streets as well.Pissing in corners and seeing and being part of the strange nightlife that makes up Los Angeles after dark......Just another good night with good company.After a few hours Serch goes hoe with his brother n me n Brand continue on our drunken journey down Sunset heading East towards the belly of the beast itsself:Hollywood,my home town,the Kingdom of the weird.After a number of interesting interactions with the local and visiting inhabitants of these enchanted streets,we found ourselves in that part of hollywood that I dont really like to venture around in due to the fact that its heavily patroled by cops and security personel of all stripes and graffiti has a shelf life of about 3 hours because of the yellow t-shirt clad HBT:hollywood beautification team,a community service program that i've spent many hours with,buffing the graff of friends and lovers along with litarealy sweeping the gutters(not a fun activity).The reason why this part of Hollywood is so looked after is political in nature,basically there are alot of studios and post production houses in the area(santa monica to fountan,and vine to about la brea) with alot of money and alot of clout and there are a number of compeating contractors that 'bid' their services to keep the area relativly safe and clean,ergo the "Media bid" is the banner that HBT and those green t-shirt,bike riding rats on wheels wanne be cops run under.
But at the time I was pretty drunk and didnt give two shits about the area I was smashin' in.Then things took a turn for the worse when Branded(also drunk) pulled out a marker n procceded to catch a tag on a stop sign that read RHT,which was suposed to read RTH, as we where having a chuckle over this graff err,some guys jump out of a crown vic. and say something official sounding and Brand takes off on his skateboard heading North bound.I turn casualy and attempt to walk South,but the guy says wait right there n says something into his walki talkie,the guy looked like a undercover cop alright,kinda short n stocky,latino,with a superman t-shrit on and the uc cop ball cap and jeans.So i'm like fuck! I ask,"What for? I wasnt doing shit!"Whick I wasnt at the time.He responds very copish like,"Because you where tagging,we have you on video writing on a post office down the block."(which I never wrote on for the record) He then asked me what I had in my bag.To this I said,"I dont consent to a serch."Then I thought for a few seconds I was like,"Something is not adding up here."In my head.I aked him,"Why havnt you showed me your badge or identified yourself as a cop?"At a pained looked imedietly spread over his ugly face.I instantly smerked and said,"You arnt a cop are you?" My demenore instantly changing in body language facial expression and most noticably my tone of voice. "You aint you cop you fucking BITCH! FUCK you nigga get the fuck away from me!"I turn to walk away and he follows and says,"Hold it,wait right there!" I get all up in this niggas face n say,"What mothafucker,what you gonna do bitch?You cant do shit punk!Touch me faggot n i'll bomb on your fake ass bitch!You aint no cop!" He was alone so he backed off n just stood there as I began to laff turn n run across the street all the while yelling all kinds of obsenities back at him and flickick him off as I disapeared into the darkness of the sidestreet.I ran up a block n a half took all the markers,spraypaint and stickers out of my bag n pockets in a quick rush,n stashed them under a green tarp at a construction site then walked down the street checking myself to make sure that I did not have on my person anything with the infamous word SMEAR writen across it.I didnt,releif,I was in the clear now,even if the real pigs showed up they couldnt do shit to me.I resumed my casual style of walk which im know for as a another crown viv (a black one) with all the police style bells n whistles on it,the side floodlight,the big antena etc,pulls in front of me and the guy jumps out again with 2 other dudes,they tell me to get against the fench I tell them to,"Fuck off or suck my cock,its your choice!" they get closer,say something into their talkie,I curse at them some more then they grab me and I struggle with them the whole while pushing them back againt the fence,cursing,laffing,telling them they have no right to toch me cause they aint cops,telling them that im so gonna sue them for this (which I kinda still want to) I eased up a bit in a more mellow struggle to conserve energy,as they began to tell me bullshit fantasy stories that they could detaine me,citizens arrest n all that garbage,Then I asked,"For what faggots?"They kinda just looked at each other.I pulled a cig out of my jacket pocket put it in my mouth and tryed to reach im my other pocket to get a light,but the guys holding me wouldnt allow it,so again I said,"Cocksuckers!Let me like my cig!" At this the fat Armenian guy says,"Thats not a cigarette bro."I look at him with pure hate n tell him,"You never seen a rolly before you stupid Armo?"He felt the sting of that personal attack,you could see it on his face,he never said a word after that.They where calling a squad car on their gay lil walkies,I started my physical struggle again just to be an asshole,and then one of them says,"We cant take him in,we didnt bring any cuffs.Lets just let him go."
they let me go,I walk away n light my smoke,one of them says,"Get out of here,your lucky We dont kick your ass!" I turn n say,"Lets go!It isnt gonna be the first time ive gotten my assed kicked or the last!"(there was 3 of them of course they would of beat my ass but they would of remembered getting down with me,thats for sure!) They just stood there,so I turned back around n walked away as they said dumb shit like,"Get away from gangs."Which again make me look over at them with the,"Are you fucking stupid?"Look on my face as I puffed on my cig and put up both my middle fingers and said,"Fuck gangs!"(I look like alot of things but a gang member is not one of them).....again walking away one says,"Go write on your moms pussy."Gave him an angry glare.I could tell in their eyes that they where bitches.I walked all the way home about a 20,30 min walk.I stopped at this chicks pad,banged on her window,startled,sleepy, spanish speaking voices strart asking qestions,I try to start to try n explain myself but my mind wasnt in the mood so I just lumbered away.I get home n Branded is asleep on my front porch................

Monday, July 03, 2006

Reverse racism......

THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MEXiiCANS dont just kiss, we make out.MEXiiCANS dont just fore play, we fuck!MEXiiCANS dont relax, we chill.MEXiiCANS dont dance, perreamos.MEXiiCANS dont talk bad, we talk shit.MEXiiCANS lips arent just hot, their the lips you wish you could kiss.MEXiiCANS dont do it, we do it Suavecito.MEXiiCANS are the people you could ALWAy`z trust.MEXiiCANS are the best REGGAET0N dancers ;)MEXiiCANS arent nice, we the shit.MEXiiCANS arent just friends, we are fuck buddies.MEXiiCANS arent cool, we are a toda madres!MEXiiCANS are sexy!MEXiiCANS are blessed when they are born because now were proud to tell everybody that we are MEXiiCAN!MEXiiCANS are...there isnt enough words that could explain how and who MEXiCANS are.People envy us because they know we are better!!!!No nationality is more BANGiN then MEXiiCAN!!!!!!!!&& EVERyB0Dy L0VE`z US BECAUSE WE ARE UNiQUE iN THE BEST WAy`z THAT THERE C0ULD BE!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE MEXiiCANS && S0 FUCKiiN PR0UD 0F iiT !!!!!***Send this to all the mexicans you know (even to the mexicans who gave this to you) so people will know that were proud of being MEXiiCANS

This is some stupid shit that I stumbled upon online,draw your own conclusions.

A conversation i had.

Friend: but she did bring a friend who was cute but they left all of a sudden
yea both were hot
her friend had nice tits and i was like so how old are you and shes like 16 .....

LA Scumbag: hahahahahahahahah

Friend: dude i would have boned her in a ho second if i had the chance
half second i mean
lol ho is better tho

Lack of Posting.

I am getting a team of mega scumbags together to write for the site, we also got an editor so people could understand what smear writes.

Starting July 10th we will have a different scumbag post everyday of the week. I will have introductions for all the writers later this week.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yo,Im SMEAR and I am an L.A. scumbag to the fullest possible extent.I piss in peoples cars,fuck in alleys,write on walls and engage in other activities of a foul shade......Lets get down to buiesness (oh,one more scummy thing about me:i have terrible spelling!) a few nifgts ago i went out with this chick that i met off of myspace(cliche) and we went to watch the Omen over in Century city(i didnt pay for here)so we get our tickets and go into the teather* and sit in the second to last row,at this point the teather is empty except for us a nd a group of 4 persian guys about 7 rows ahead of us,we sit through the previews a few more people wander in and all the while the persians engage in pretty regulay rythem of conversation and slight outbursts,but its only the previews and i figure that they will settle down when the feature starts.So the feature starts and these cocksucking unibrow motherfuckers keep on keepin on with their talking and lame outbursts but with a higher cresendo than during the previews,you could tell that they where stoned off some grass and just couldnt control themselves due to their lower than average mental capacity due to the fact that they are arabs(sorry,but you know its true.)they keep laffing and yelling,hooting and hollering and all that good stuff in their broken ass psudo-english accents and a few words in their "language" as well thrown in for good measure...until this redneck white trashy guy up front(who was with what looked like a 14 year old girl) tells them to shut up,at this they counter his remarks with things like,"fuck you assman."&"we kick ass."and so this they just get worse and worse in their obnoxiouse behavior...the whole while im just cracking up and laffing my ass off as was the chick with me.other random girls tell them to "shut the fuck up." and "shut up!" and they just keep yelling and heckiling the movie(especially whenever a preist,nun or anything to do with christanity appears on the screen) the thought of then being strapped with explosives crossed my mind a few times.Then the redneck gets up and walks out the the theater coming back a few minutes later with an usher,as the usher walkk in they get rowdyer than ever n yell n do all their dumb bullshit times 10 and of course he tells them to get up and leave which they do but saying things about the redneck like,"he is crazy." & "I dont know what hes talking about." and other retarded shit of that sort,with the occasional,"shut up!!" from random girls in the audience.........after the film we get in my car and i drive her towards her home before asking her(after a pretty long silence)"So,you wanna screw?" She of course says,"No,I'll never have sex with you,EVER!" I snicker and say,"Ha ha,do you know how many times ive heard that from bitches(yes i said bitches) right before i got my cock all up in em?"
She responds,"Maybe,but this time its for real."I roll my eyes with a smirk n keep driving......then"Do you wanna go home yet or you wanna hand out n get a few beers?"
She responds,"Sure,why not?"
We go to the ralphs on La brea and 3rd and i get to the register with the Tecate at like 1:55,talk about cutting it short.We drive back to my pad,I show her my artwork,we drink,we talk about this n that(your so deep smear)we drink some more and before you know it im behind her buttnaked thrusting my swollen cock into her like a goddamn pirate on meth.......1 hour and 30 mins after she declared to me that,"I'll never have sex with you,EVER!"

Thats about it for now kiddies.....stay tuned for my next starteling adventure in the city of night.

oh and just so you know im not a racist towards any one ethnic group,race,or relgion in particular,I hate everybody equaly,even members of my own bloodline,so dont get offended like lil bitches by the shit that Ive said and will say.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So we have a new member joining us, a good friend of mine and soon yours.

loved by most, hated on by some, known by all.

so enjoy his ramblings because i sure do.

Monday, June 19, 2006

rock on.

Popin' the cherry.

i am the los angeles scumbag. how i got here i don't know, but i did so suck it.

what the fuck am i doing here? we'll see. so who am i... a 20yr old scumbag, not born a scumbag but turned into one by my surroundings.

maybe i'll trying smoking pot while writing, it usually helps me do most things in life so i don't see why it would fail me now.

i conquered my fear for salmon today. for the first time in 3yrs i ate the yummy fish. the last time i had salmon it ended with puke all over a friends new lexus suv, they were giving me a ride home from my cousins second birthday, today she turned five. the little ones grow so fast. i have two half brothers one is four and the other is five. today they met for the first time. i don't think they understood that they were both my brothers. but it was fucking crazy seeing them together i could see half of myself in each one of them.

alright now its 4:36am and i have to be functional in a few hours. peace