Monday, March 31, 2008

Diplo in Hollywood!

Dont sleep kids.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watch my back while i grab this fools gift cards!

Last week we saw the Bloody Beetroots at cinespace, These are two dudes from Italy who rock Spiderman masks while dropping sick ass bass heavy electro beats.
The night started like any other tuesday at cinespace with a few fatty rounds of free vodka based beverages. Until about 11 o'clock when we usually dip into the vip for some followup drinkage. But tonight was especially crowded, it wasn't even like this the week before for the DJ Battles. Mad honeys crawling through the spot (as always). but because of the amount of DJ's at SXSW and how big the beetroots are they closed off the front room around midnight and made everyone go in the back for the big show! This was pretty epic of Cinespace because usually you couldn't pay people to hang out in the back. It's all about the little tiny ass brick room that you can't squeeze into or out of, but not tonight! We started off getting our fade on and dancing with some honeys in the cut before we broke off for most of the set. I was rocking the new Dim Mak hoodie for a few hours but wasn't able to snatch it at the end of the night which was pretty weak. But the beetroots fucking killed the spot and as their set ended joe and myself jumped on stage and ganked the stellas they drink!After the show we had find the homegirl who was holding my gear outside so we dipped at which realized that neither of us had any fucking money left over for drugs or getting home. So it was decided to holler at random honeys to buy us some pizza,this time it failed. But we did run into C4 while grungy was making a reference to some fat dude looking like him and he gave us 10 ducketts which got me slice and almost a ride home!
The reason i say almost is because we hopped in a cab with some gangsta from jersey who had mad amex giftcards he was gonna pay the cab with a gift card if we gave him cash. The cabbie was with it for about a block until he booted us all and now we got this fool on the jock trying to find some afterhours, so we hop on the bus and homeboy follows talking about buying us all these drugs and hookers. We all go sit in the back and he leaves his bag with us while he pays in the front at which point i tell grungy joe to watch my back while i ganked this fools gift cards he let me know that i am fucking insane and moved to the front of the bus leaving my back open to the public, for the best.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fuckin Metro...

So i recently read an article about how metro is delaying the signs that tell you when the next train is scheduled to arrive...again. One of my favorite ways of passing the time while waiting for the train is by pressing the emergency operator button and asking when the next train is scheduled to arrive. They have never even been within 3 minutes of the correct time. So if the operator has no clue when the next train is coming how the hell are these damn monitors going to know shit?
I caught this pic the other day when i noticed that they're running XP on their computers, i coulda told you that that's a fucking terrible idea from the start. Throw OSX on that bitch and we could have had fucking wifi/bluetooth timetables by now for our phones!

Extra: Did you hear about the dude who got hit by a train in the morning today?
"If the Red Line seems to be a bit off schedule today, it's because, as the Los Angeles Fire Department is reporting, at 6:50 a.m., there was a "reported person possibly down in tunnel"
Update, 8:37 a.m.: The person was a male who apparently jumped or fell in front of a train. He was transported to USC Medical and police are investigating the incident." - From LAist

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hey i think my Dad is up...

Yet another night of madness at the Cinespace DJ Face-Off!The fatty line-up consisted of "Steve Aoki vs. MSTRKRFT", "DJ AM vs. Mom Jeans" and "Dan Oh vs. Them Jeans" as always LA Scumbag & Grungy Joe roll into Cinespace weaving in and out the crowd of 80's dressed hipsters and girls who aren't a day over 16 with there whore uniforms on. We check out all the sections to get a feel of what the crowd is like before running into a man we call Dirty Bot who lead us to our fellow scums Smear & Otis. The Scumbag, Bot and I head to the VIP room where we kicked it with some band named "Working For A Nuclear Free City" yet instead of talking to them we mostly just drank all their free beers chased with a few vallies!
Dirty Bot proved how faded he was by that point when he attempted to piss in the corner of the VIP room. As we were leaving we grabbed some more beers and hid 'em in the corner. We hit the dance floor and prowled through the crowds of women to find our whores for the night. As we danced the night away I noticed Bot was up to his usual business of spilling drinks, creeping out honeys, and hanging out behind the DJ booth while The Cobrasnake was on his usual prowl snapping away at all the narcissistic women he could find. About an hour into the night Bot got a little too rowdy and got his weekly dose of getting 86'd.
As the house DJ's Dan Oh & Them Jeans wrapped up their set, Next up we had DJ AM & Mom Jeans who hit the crowd with a sick eclectro sound mashing up such hits as Coldplays "God Put A Smile On Your Face" and picked it up with elctro house beats to the "The Chili Peppers."
Finally MSTRKRFT & Steve Aoki blew the spot up with their sets. Dropping everything from the Pharcyde to Rage Against the Machine remixes!

After the show finished we met up with 4 ladies who invited us to their parents pad in Bel Air where we drank some more and lasered up beams 'til the the girls dad woke up to take her little sister to school at 6 in da monin!

Photos Credits: Kid Paparazzi

Saturday, March 15, 2008

An underage girl bought me a ticket to see Wolfmother...


I bought a 1/5 of Jack D and started my drinking early! By 8 we were ready to roll to the Palladium but not too sure about the security check. The girl who was my partner in crime for the night wanted to bring a flask of Jack D on top of the drinks we had already consumed. The flask was metal so glanced around the pad and came up with a children's gummy bear vitamin bottle which i filled to the top and threw into my good ol' Joe Boxer's, It was done by the 3rd song.

I thought it was cool how the bass player would play the bass and the keyboard at the same time and he would flip up his keyboard every once in a while.We than procedded into the crowd a bit tipsy, getting as close as possible. The rowdy meter picked up when a mosh pit broke out when they played the Zeppellin song "Communication Breakdown". As we're getting pushed around I have the girl in my right arm and fucking fools up with my left arm throwin' a few elbows when I can...and not to lie I even elbowed some bitch in her back for trying to get rowdy next to us. They wrapped up with a 4 song encore.

Wolfmother played a great show and I would definitely see them again.