Saturday, August 26, 2006

octopus house

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Grungy Joe Is My Name..

Well this is my first LA Scumbag post hopefully not the last.

It was last friday night, nothing really going on just bullshitting at the house. A girl from myspace who I fucked on a one night stand a long time ago hit me up to chill that night. She kinda flaked throughout the evening and made me wait it was almost 2am when she finally called. " Hey can you pick me up im on hollywood blvd and the bars are about to get out". So I thought about it for a second.... It is late iam tired yet i havent gotten laid in a month and a half so I get my keys and go pick her ass up. I park and wait looking for her to walk up, I spot her walking across the street infront of Big Wangs waiting for the light to turn green , She is humping the pole and looking at me from across the street. Its a given this bitch wants the dick.

She gets into the car and tried to get me to take her back to my house which she never has been to. I say no cause fankly I dont want this bitch knowing where I live. So I did mention I was moving into a new apartment but i had no furniture so we would have to go to her place and she replys with
" Does it have Carpet ?" ......"No.. Hardwood Floors" Shes replys with " Well im down lets go there " I say again " No " so we drive.......

We arrive at her building, I park in her underground garage and walk up to her apartment.
She warns me that its messy ..... that was a understatement! There is clothes and crap all over the place from the kitchen to the bathroom you could not see the carpet.
She asks if I want a drink , I did since i was pretty much sober. She gave me a very strong vodka and cranberry i drank half and she chugged the rest for some reason.

She starts running her mouth about this ipod nano she had and how some older guy whos a producer for that movie 8 legged creatures or whatever bought it for her and how she really didnt want it and how she would prolly donate it later on.
She then all of a sudden starts unbuckeling my pants and proceeds to pull out my dick and blow me.
I get a condom and fuck the shit out of her drunk ass and once were done she goes to the bathroom and takes a shower since she said she needed to sober up. While she was in the shower I decided fuck this hoe im gonna bounce out while shes showering. So I threw on my clothes and grabbed her ipod nano put that shit in my pocket and bounced out.

I run down to my car holding in the giggles of whats happening get in and proceed towards the exit gate.
Well apparently her buildings gate needs a key to be inserted for it to open . So in other words IM TRAPPED!

I throw my car into reverse park that shit and grab some weed and walk back to her house with a story in my head that i was just trying to get some weed. Well the door to the building is locked also so i cant leave and i cant go back to her pad. So I had to call her and have her come down and open it up for me. As soon as she gets down there she accuses me of trying to just flee. But I defend myself and stick with my story that i wanted to smoke a bowl. So she brings me back upstairs.

Once upstairs im a little nervious considering i got this bitches ipod in my pocket and im going back into her house where she can possibly notice that its not on the charger anymore....
I roll a joint and smoke it in a chair across from her bed where she is laying. While smoking this join i notice that she has 2 louis vutton wallets and purse. I grab both wallets while talking to her drunk almost passed out ass and put the wallets in my bag. Once thats done iam really nervious that shes gonna notice one of the 3 things i have stolen in the past 5 minutes.

She asks me " So what do you want to do "
Its already like 3:30AM I already fucked this bitch and busted my nut so i wasnt trying to fuck her again. So i replyed with...
" I Could Use Some Head" So i ask her to get on her knees but she declines saying shes to drunk so i sit next to her whip it out and she starts blowing. Since ive decided in my mind that im "Robbing This Hoe" I sit on top of her and face fuck that bitch. I bust the super porno style facial all over her face. Once done she starts to wipe it all off and then i told her " Hey I should prolly get going"

We walk down and all im thinking is i just faced fucked this bitch busted nut all over her face and stole her ipod and 2 wallets and she only can contact me via a prepaid annonomious cell phone and a Aol Screenname. Im Chillin.

So were in the garage i get in my car she opens that fucking garage gate with her key and i scurve off never to see that bitch again. Once a block away i start laughing to myself... Only thinking one thing.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

organizing the blog.

sorry about the lack of posts recently, but i've just been working on the behind the scenes part of the blog. found some new heads to post on here. Smear promises to post more.

I've been working on a calendar section for the blog, it will list events that i might find interesting in the la area. check em out . that should be up later today.

thank you all for checking back even with the current lack of activity. peace