Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yo,Im SMEAR and I am an L.A. scumbag to the fullest possible extent.I piss in peoples cars,fuck in alleys,write on walls and engage in other activities of a foul shade......Lets get down to buiesness (oh,one more scummy thing about me:i have terrible spelling!) a few nifgts ago i went out with this chick that i met off of myspace(cliche) and we went to watch the Omen over in Century city(i didnt pay for here)so we get our tickets and go into the teather* and sit in the second to last row,at this point the teather is empty except for us a nd a group of 4 persian guys about 7 rows ahead of us,we sit through the previews a few more people wander in and all the while the persians engage in pretty regulay rythem of conversation and slight outbursts,but its only the previews and i figure that they will settle down when the feature starts.So the feature starts and these cocksucking unibrow motherfuckers keep on keepin on with their talking and lame outbursts but with a higher cresendo than during the previews,you could tell that they where stoned off some grass and just couldnt control themselves due to their lower than average mental capacity due to the fact that they are arabs(sorry,but you know its true.)they keep laffing and yelling,hooting and hollering and all that good stuff in their broken ass psudo-english accents and a few words in their "language" as well thrown in for good measure...until this redneck white trashy guy up front(who was with what looked like a 14 year old girl) tells them to shut up,at this they counter his remarks with things like,"fuck you assman."&"we kick ass."and so this they just get worse and worse in their obnoxiouse behavior...the whole while im just cracking up and laffing my ass off as was the chick with me.other random girls tell them to "shut the fuck up." and "shut up!" and they just keep yelling and heckiling the movie(especially whenever a preist,nun or anything to do with christanity appears on the screen) the thought of then being strapped with explosives crossed my mind a few times.Then the redneck gets up and walks out the the theater coming back a few minutes later with an usher,as the usher walkk in they get rowdyer than ever n yell n do all their dumb bullshit times 10 and of course he tells them to get up and leave which they do but saying things about the redneck like,"he is crazy." & "I dont know what hes talking about." and other retarded shit of that sort,with the occasional,"shut up!!" from random girls in the audience.........after the film we get in my car and i drive her towards her home before asking her(after a pretty long silence)"So,you wanna screw?" She of course says,"No,I'll never have sex with you,EVER!" I snicker and say,"Ha ha,do you know how many times ive heard that from bitches(yes i said bitches) right before i got my cock all up in em?"
She responds,"Maybe,but this time its for real."I roll my eyes with a smirk n keep driving......then"Do you wanna go home yet or you wanna hand out n get a few beers?"
She responds,"Sure,why not?"
We go to the ralphs on La brea and 3rd and i get to the register with the Tecate at like 1:55,talk about cutting it short.We drive back to my pad,I show her my artwork,we drink,we talk about this n that(your so deep smear)we drink some more and before you know it im behind her buttnaked thrusting my swollen cock into her like a goddamn pirate on meth.......1 hour and 30 mins after she declared to me that,"I'll never have sex with you,EVER!"

Thats about it for now kiddies.....stay tuned for my next starteling adventure in the city of night.

oh and just so you know im not a racist towards any one ethnic group,race,or relgion in particular,I hate everybody equaly,even members of my own bloodline,so dont get offended like lil bitches by the shit that Ive said and will say.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So we have a new member joining us, a good friend of mine and soon yours.

loved by most, hated on by some, known by all.

so enjoy his ramblings because i sure do.

Monday, June 19, 2006

rock on.

Popin' the cherry.

i am the los angeles scumbag. how i got here i don't know, but i did so suck it.

what the fuck am i doing here? we'll see. so who am i... a 20yr old scumbag, not born a scumbag but turned into one by my surroundings.

maybe i'll trying smoking pot while writing, it usually helps me do most things in life so i don't see why it would fail me now.

i conquered my fear for salmon today. for the first time in 3yrs i ate the yummy fish. the last time i had salmon it ended with puke all over a friends new lexus suv, they were giving me a ride home from my cousins second birthday, today she turned five. the little ones grow so fast. i have two half brothers one is four and the other is five. today they met for the first time. i don't think they understood that they were both my brothers. but it was fucking crazy seeing them together i could see half of myself in each one of them.

alright now its 4:36am and i have to be functional in a few hours. peace